James Ho on LinkedIn

James Ho

With both a technical and artistic background, James takes an innovative and balanced approach to creating games. Having worked in game development for over a decade, he believes that great design and compelling game-play experiences are necessary ingredients for great artwork.

Sulabh Patel

Sulabh started in high-availability systems but felt compelled to get into gaming, so he moved on to EA Sports®. During his stay there, he focused on rendering and optimizations. He left to follow his passion for working on new intellectual property and technology that empowers community interaction.

Jonas Norberg on LinkedIn

Jonas Norberg

Born in Sweden, he designed his first video game fifteen years ago. Combining a degree in Computer Science with a lifelong passion for music, his left and right brains maintain a healthy balance of awesome.

Szymon Swistun

Born in Poland, Szymon started programming his own 3D video games at 13. After focusing on advancing real-time rendering technology during his professional career, he now feels simplified work-flows, exhilarating game-play and over-the-top simulation are what will fuel the next frontier of epic video game experiences.