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March 30, 2011

Typically, the more cutting edge rendering features we add to our games, the more complex the workflow for the engineers, artists and content creators that deal with them. There are many brilliant technology advancements that are in development or near release: real-time ray-tracing, real-time global illumination, major DirectX API changes, CPU - GPU fusion, mega-meshes, just to name few.

However, our industry is already facing a tremendous problem: the exponentially increasing cost of game development. This will only get worse, very fast, unless simplifying workflows for all disciplines involved with game development is drastically improved.

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Concept Art

March 23, 2011

One of the great artists of our time, , is allowing us to use his Robota concept piece "Desert Bones" to demo our technology and to help inspire future levels. He is also starting something new, and we are excited about potentially collaborating on concepts, ideas, story and technology in the near future.

Our real-time demo preview will be coming soon.

Physics Test : Breaking Boxes

March 16, 2011

Just like every hero needs a villain, every game needs a box. Actually, lots of boxes...that you can break.

In the images you see some tastefully rendered debug boxes (feel free to imagine a crate-like material instead) exploding from the force unleashed by our character, then interacting and breaking into smaller pieces (also boxes). These smaller pieces break in to smaller pieces and so on, until we're left with an entropy-soup of boxes in different sizes.

Think this is too simple to be making a post about? So did first. We found tons of uses for it, from crazy destruction puzzles to our user interface. What?!? Yes.

Work In Progress
Dynamic IBL lighting

March 07, 2011

Using old unfinished environment assets, this is the first working version of our fully dynamic Image Based Lighting technique running in engine.

  • First image is just the environment materials.
  • Second image is the dynamic IBL lighting.
  • Third image is environment materials combined with dynamic IBL lighting.

This is one of our many tech tricks to simplify our content workflow, this way we don't have to spend time authoring lots of lights to make a "believable" looking scene, instead we use the actual final image from the previous frame to "light" the current one. The bright grey light on the ground and left wall is coming from the grey mountain in the background directly, no actual lights authored in this example.

The detail of the lighting comes from the high detail displaced normals on the surfaces, that "grab" light from various directions. This is still in progress, and will be much improved as we work through more of the kinks.

We'll be at GDC

February 24, 2011

We are attending the Game Developers Conference next week at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. We're looking forward to absorbing good insights and inspirations from the presentations.

if you're in the area and want to meet up.

"A Familiar World"

February 23, 2011

Regaining consciousness in an eerie village on the verge of collapse, you sense a storm looming in the distance. How you got here is unknown, but you feel compelled to escape before it is too late. Explore this mysterious world with the help of your friends and live to create your own epic tale. Beta Launching Summer 2011.

Inemeri First Post

February 22, 2011

This is our official launch of inemeri. We are excited and anxious. Check out our for more details regarding what we are building and why.

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